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Publishing books is at everyone's fingertips these days, and it sometimes gets a little complicated to keep track of what to do and where to go for different resources and questions you might have about writing, publishing, and marketing. To help myself maneuver authorship-ism-ology, I've compiled a list of my own that might be helpful for those of you interested in writing/publishing and in need of some guidance. I've provided examples of how I've used some of these applications and programs.

One Stop Shop
One Stop For Writers - A great online library that provides writers with a plethora of information that will help you with your craft (Also see "Writers Helping Writers" below).

Publishing Sites
Free eBook Publishing Sites
LuLu - publish and read stories for free
Wattpad - to read and follow new authors and post free stories of your own

Creativity Apps
Canva - Design images you can purchase or upload from your computer to use for book covers, social media banners, websites, emails, tweets, Facebook, and more!
Anna's Story, The Ending Series - create memes and quote images (coming soon)
Quote Cover Maker - Turns words and quotes into beautiful images
Excerpt from Out Of The Ashes, Book Three of The Ending Series

Photo Editing
PicMonkey - edit images you upload from your computer to share across social media platforms
Mock-up cover design for book one of my Nothing But Trouble Series (I used Gimp, as well)

Writing Tools
Writer's Helping Writers Emotion Thesaurus - purchase or see excerpts here on how to come up with new ways to describe emotions, how they all tie together, what are the physical signs that correlate to them, etc.
Write To Done - readable, engaging paragraphs
Grammarly - check plagiarism, grammar, use the thesaurus, proofread, and more! Good for basic grammar checking.

Author Platform Builders
Newsletter Programs 
MailChimp - an easy-to-use newsletter program that enables you to create blogs, track emails list subscribers, offer exclusive materials to your followers, and more.

Blog Services

Blogger - Easy to use interface
Wordpress - I particularly LOVE their blog templates more than Blogger, though they aren't as easy to use when it comes to giveaways and hosting author widgets, so I changed back to using Blogger.

Website Builders
Wix - easy to use website builder
Squarespace - love their templates!

Zazzle - sell products donned with images you've created from keychains to canvas bags and travel mugs.

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