Sunday, December 22, 2013

...Our Gift To You, Ending Fans...

Ending Series - Delivered Infomercial Style


Interested to know more about your favorite Ending characters? 
Want to know what life was like for them the day of the virus outbreak? 

We do! So we're writing about it!
For those of you who loved book one, have already devoured book two, and are weeping, utterly desperate for book three's release in 2014, I have a surprise for you...


LF and I are writing you a little something special, our gift to you for the holidays. 

Four perma-Free Ending Series novellas! The first of which is now available!

Starting this month, Lindsey Fairleigh and I will be publishing four FREE  prequel novellas that chronicle what some of our other favorite Ending characters were doing when you-know-what hit the fan and everyone starting getting sick. 

Who's serial is up first? Young, but not so innocent, Carlos.

A virus changed everything. This is how it began.

High school. Dealing drugs. A secret girlfriend. 
Carlos thought his life was hard enough...but then the virus spread.

Read for free:
Amazon (coming soon!)
Kobo (coming soon!)

Thank you for being such absolutely wonderful fans! You're the reason that we do this!
Happy Reading!

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