Tuesday, February 3, 2015

...Reading for fun? What does that even mean?...

This year I'm promising myself that I'll read more for enjoyment. I'll make sure I take the time off from listening to podcasts and author interviews, reading books, articles, and blogs that are solely aimed to help indie authors like me hone my craft, and just enjoy the art of writing and pleasure of reading.

As much as I feel I need to use tools, like writing blogs, podcasts, outlining and story building books to help me grow and improve in my writing, I also need to read for fun. So do you! If you don't like reading, you're not reading the right books! Here's what I'm telling myself so that I'll make the time to read.

I'm reading because:
  1. My brain deserves a break
  2. It's research
  3. It helps get my creative juices flowing
  4. It's therapeutic
  5. It's fun
  6. I LOVE reading
  7. I NEED reading

My Goal

My goal is to read 50 books this year for pleasure. That includes audiobooks, ebooks, and good ol' feel it between my fingertips paperbacks.

Here are the "non work related" books I've read so far in 2015.
  1. The Heretic Queen - Historical Fiction by Michelle Moran *One of my all-time favorites
  2. Rules of the Harte - Contemporary Romance by Brooke Harris
  3. Disfigured Love - Contemporary Romance by Georgia Le Carre
  4. Hooked On The Game - New Adult/Contemporary by C.M. Owens 
  5. Submit - Contemporary Romance by Melody Anne
  6. Surrender - Contemporary Romance by Melody Anne
  7. The Tycoon's Revenge - Contemporary Romance by Melody Anne
  8. West for Love - Romance by Claire Charlins
  9. Lost In Me - Contemporary Romance by Lexi Ryan 
  10. Tagged and Ashed - Contemporary Romance by C.M. Owens
  11. Rules of Harte - Contemporary Romance by Broke Harris
  12. The Life List - Women's Fiction by Lori Nelson Spielman
Not too shabby so far, given my "for fun" reading list last year (Approx. 15 total).


The Heretic Queen, Michelle Moran's second book in the Egyptian Royals Collection, is a story about Ramesses the Great and his childhood friend turned chef wife, Nefertari. It captures they're friendship, undying love, those they trust pitted against them, and all that comes with surviving in a world where a change in weather could mean you've lost the favor of the Gods.

Not only is this book beautifully written and easy to follow, it's lavish and grim at times. It's intelligent and twisted and sucks you right in alongside it's beloved characters, jaw-dropping villains and plot twists, all while exploring loss, faith in love, and hope...everything that people love to read about.

I love that Moran weaves a spellbinding story through both unexplored holes and discovered truths during one of the must intriguing and mysterious periods in human history. I love feeling like I'm walking through the halls of the palace or visiting the temple of Hathor. If you enjoy historical fiction and you're as captivated by Egyptian culture, you'll no doubt enjoy this series. It has so much to offer it's readers, and I'm still waiting for a Moran book that I enjoyed as much as this one.

*This is the follow up book to Nefertiti, although I don't believe it's necessary to read the first one in order to understand this.    

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