Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Whatever It Takes - Official New Title

So, it's only been over ten years since I started writing this story, Reilly, and now I've officially reworked it into something that I can publish. It was more difficult than I though, reworking a story I wrote so long ago. Because despite the fact that it was already written, it was poorly written (I was in high school), and it being my first completed manuscript, it was hard to be able to look beyond my initial story line as I moved pieces around, deleted, prodded, and pushed my characters, which needed to be done.

BUT the first official draft is written, and I've officially got a new title for it. Here she is! I'm aiming to have her out and available no later than January 22, 2016 (my birthday)! Just trying to finish up Before The Dawn beforehand.

Book One, Nothing But Trouble Series

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