Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Out Of The Ashes, Book 3 Audiobook Release!

Listen up, folks! Ha-Ha, I crack myself up.

For those of you audible fans out there, Out Of The Ashes is now available to download through Amazon and Audible!

We asked Natalie Duke to produce and narrate the third book in The Ending Series, and after a few months of recording and revisions, the audio version is finally available to download! If you love the series and want to read through it again, use a credit instead this time and listen on your way to work, while you're doing blasted chores, or when you're supposed to be doing something productive! :)

And, if you're feeling generous, feel free to leave an honest review for other listeners to peruse.

We hope you enjoy it, and stay tuned for progress on the fourth and final book, Before The Dawn, due out later this year!

Happy Listening!

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