Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Nothing But Trouble, Book Two Cover Decisions

As announced in January, Nothing But Trouble, book two in my contemporary new adult series, will be released this coming winter! Although I've only just begun outlining, it should be published right on time! Meanwhile, I've started playing with cover design, trying to determine which direction I'd like to go in, given the third book with be told from a male's (Nick's) perspective. Here are the two directions I'm considering. While many people have said they vote for the image I'm calling "Hair," the majority of feedback I've received says, "Butterfly," hands down.

Thoughts? Feedback?

Keep in mind that neither of these are the final product, but a starting point only until I figure out which direction to embrace.


  1. Thanks, Pheebz! I'm thinking 3 because when I do Nick's book (#3) I can't do much with the whole "hair" theme. Haha. We'll see though. Thanks again for your input!