Wednesday, November 5, 2014

...National Novel Writing Month has begun!!!!....

Okay, all! It's that time of year when all moments are filled with thoughtful distractions--wishes for writing and the impending 50K word count writing challenge! Participating in NaNoWriMo while having a job, friends, and family (especially during the busy holiday season) can be difficult. 

This is only my second year participating, but last year wasn't all fun and games. It's a lot to take on. Here's my project for this year, and how I try to stay focused...

My NaNoWriMo breakdown:

My project:

Working Title - Reilly, book one of my currently titled series, "Whatever It Takes"
Genre - New Adult - Contemporary Romance
Goal - Completed first (very rough) draft by Nov 30
Current WC - 40K with an approximate 50K more to go
Challenges - Writing even when I'm not feeling inspired to do so

The staples:

Libation for long, brain-fart stinted nights

Cozy Leg Warmers for cold days

Lady Gray Tea and my Balsam-scented candle
I generally only eat once around 11:00 or so...I make it a good one

What I use and how I do:

I couldn't stay organized without Scrivener

Or my story notebook, which contains sketches, notes, outlines, ideas, etc....


A few artists and the songs that help me stay in my story "zone" this year...

What keeps my creative juices flowing:

  1. HOT showers
  2. Wine...bubbles and more wine
  3. Observing - being out in public
  4. SLEEP

Oh yeah, it's official...

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