Thursday, May 21, 2015

If you're lost in your head, you're not paying attention to the page - Why you should hire an editor

If you want writing to be more than a passion, but a career, there's one HUGE necessity if you want readers to take you seriously....

GET A PROFESSIONAL EDITOR! Okay, so most authors will say this, and it's for good reason. I have a professional editor and there are still a few errors on the page when it goes to publish. When you read the same thing again and again, you lose sight of what it is your reading--the words and letters that make up the ideas your mind is glazing over. Don't you already misread things or skip over words? Imagine not having a professional review your work before you press "publish". The cost of that additional eye and input is worth all the potential readers you might lose if you don't. I'll put an eBook down if there are too many missing words or misspellings, etc. That just shows that the author doesn't respect their reader enough to offer them a finished, polished product.

It's taken me the last four years to learn these things, so the point of this is to show you what I've found to be important and necessary values to consider when embarking into the world of professional writing. I hope it's somewhat helpful! More to come!

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