Thursday, May 14, 2015

Wit, Sex, and Strong Characters. What more can you ask for? A Beautiful Bastard Book Review

Witty Banter, Unique Characters and Dynamic, Sex...what more can a romance lover ask for?

I loved this story. I didn't really have any expectations, seeing how it was the only audiobook I had during a long drive that I hadn't listened to already. BUT I LOVED IT. There's something to be said for a fresh, new story with the alpha male boss who wants XYZ. That's something that there's a lot of, but not delivered in the way this book is. There's no dominating and billionaire privilege, at least not the in-your-face style that I find myself skimming through. No, this was dish it out and take it storytelling, no meek and meager wench who can't hold her own.

This book was different for me in a many ways. The Characters were perfect. I loved their dynamic, the way Chloe gave right back to Bennett, the way they both felt more "normal" and "real" than most characters that I've read in any contemporary romance stories. It was just a fun, witty, banter-laced read that made me want to get back in the car and keep driving so that I could finish their story.

Fun side note - The author is really "authors" and their names are Christina and Lauren. Love it! These ladies are filled with clever. Can't wait to read (or listen to) another. I give it 5/5 stars! 

Happy Reading, all!

P.S. They're making it into a movie :)

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