Tuesday, October 22, 2013

...Book Review for Ms. Ward, coming right up!...

Check out my brief, but honest review of J.R. Ward's Lover Reborn on Goodreads

I enjoyed this story a lot (it's up there with Z and V's stories as well).

What I liked:
I appreciated the intricacy of this story...how Autumn and Tohr's stories come full circle from Autumn (no-one) knowing Tohr even before he was mated, what they'd been through before she killed herself, and the subtle feelings that are resurrected along with their own essence and livelihood.
I like Tohr's character in general. He's a good guy, well rounded and definitely the right choice for a father-like figure. He's a character I feel like I can relate to in a small way vs. Rhage or Phury's stories.
BOB - Band of Bastards. While I'm not exactly sure where Ward is going with them, I'm enjoying the break from so many Lessers. I honestly found myself skimming through their story most of the time because it's generally pretty predictable and/or similar to the last.
Layla's fascination with xcor. I LOVE IT and I hope something happens between them in the future.
Bruce Willis is mentioned! That made my day.

What I had a hard time with:
Ward's use of slang- it's distracting to me and I don't know how necessary it is. It also dates the story -- using all the pop culture songs, artists, clothes, cars, phones etc. will make it strange if I read it again in 5 years or even a couple. I've already re-read my BDB series twice, and the first few stories are pretty old in comparison to the last few with John, Payne and Tohr (especially if Ward continues the story after Blay and Quinn).
Listening to it on Audible vs. reading the book. The Audible version is difficult to keep up with...no voice intonation even thought there are many characters.

I am definitely reading the Lover at Last book. I CAN'T WAIT~

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